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Little Denmark



Are you planning your wedding? We know how stressful things can be organizing your special day, so come and talk to us. We can help you put together a day to remember.  

From the most amazing flowers and decor, to chauffeured driven cars, and stunning makeup.

Our studio really is a one stop shop for everything that you will need to make a beautiful start to a long and happy future.


Hotel foyers, banqueting rooms, office reception areas, just about any public space, we can make it beautiful.

Working within your budget, we will design and implement a floral story for your venue or event.


A gala dinner, a breakfast business meeting, a 21st birthday party, an international rugby tournament, or any other event, large or small, we have a plan for all your floral needs for your event.


Just about any reason you can think of to send someone flowers.

Religious holidays and even bereavement flowers. We have something for all these occasions and budgets. We deliver in the Greater Cape Town area.

Floral Services: Project
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